Try to find a blog post on humor and you’ll find hundreds. Try to find  entire blogs dedicated to humor and you’ll have a tougher time.  It seems humor in presentations is a topic people want to talk about but not dedicate all their time to. I have to admit, when I researched this post, I didn’t find much either. Nonetheless, here are three blogs dedicated to humor in presentations.

Humor Power

This blog by John Kindle was started in 2006 and may still be using the same style, layout and color scheme it started with. I admire John’s willingness to ride out a blogging style until it makes a comeback, but the site looks very dated.

If you can get past the look, there is a ton of content about humor on this site:

In addition, you can sign up to receive an “Ezine” which (which we now call guides or Ebooks) with resources and links.

Even though I’m teasing about the look of the site, it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a great resource about humor & presentations. John has spent years sharing his knowledge with the world so I give him full credit to his dedication to this topic.

7 Comedy Habits

This blog by David Nihill started strong in 2014 with blog posts and videos with titles such as

Lately however, the site seems to have faded. As of this writing, there haven’t been any new posts or YouTube videos since May of 2016. I know David Nihill. He’s been a guest on The Platform Giant Show. He’s an incredibly smart and funny businessman so I hope he continues to share his ideas on this blog dedicated to humor in presentations. Even if he doesn’t, there are some great blog posts that will teach you a great deal about adding humor to your presentations.

Presentation Wit

This is a new website that holds a lot of promise. Started February of 2017 by Alli Mattson, who’s using her expertise  in sketch comedy, improv, and musical improv and combining it with her expertise in Organizational Studies to help presenters use humor better. Only a month old, it already has 9 posts with titles like:

I like where this website is going. With its informative posts, clever use of animated GIFs and new content coming out frequently, it’s worth checking out on a weekly basis to see what’s new.


It’s easy to write a blog post about humor and presentations, just like it’s easy to tell one joke. Those who can sustain great content over time are like great comedians. They work at their craft year in and year out producing a body of work the pubic can appreciate.

As you can see from this post,  there are those who have been doing it a long time, there are  those who started strong and  faded and there are those who are rising stars.

This posts servers two purposes. The first is share some great resources dedicated to humor in presentations. The second is to remind you, building a platform takes consistency and commitment. Expertise is built over years. Some will make and some won’t. Your commitment to your topic plays a huge role in your success. Never give up.

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