What is Platform Giant All About?

Shane PurnellHey Shane Purnell here, founder of Platform Giant and if you’ve ever wanted to build an online presence so you can get your message out then you’re in the right place.

At Platform Giant, we only focus on three things:

  • Helping you build and deliver powerful presentations
  • Equipping you with tools and strategies for communicating your message with clarity.
  • Providing you with resources and guidance for building your personal brand.

Why My Story is Your Story Too:

When I graduated from college, the internet as we know it, didn’t exist. I quickly realized that if I wanted to make it in life, a degree in Speech Communication wasn’t going to bring the income I dreamed about.

Early in my career, I tried to find my way in customer service, management and sales, but they all seemed like the long road to meet my goals. So, I retooled my skillset and dove into Information Technology. For 17 years I’ve helped corporations large and small build and maintain their information technology infrastructure.

For last 17 years,  I’ve also watched how technologies that have utilized the power of the internet have revolutionized how we approach everything.

  • How we buy and sell.
  • How we talk with our friends.
  • How we communicate our ideas.

A few years ago I realized the internet had done more than change how we do things; it changed how we see ourselves. I realized who we are online was just as important as who we were in our real lives and if we were going to start living out our lives online, we had better be able to communicate who we are in a whole new way.

Enter Platform Giant

When I look at the landscape today, I see very few people who really understand how advances in technology are driving a huge need for us to be able to communicate our message clearly and powerfully through  mediums like presentations, webinars podcasting and videos.

The ability to communicate effectively through these mediums is no longer a enviable skill it’s essential.


That’s why I  started Platform Giant, because I wanted to create a place where people like you and I can come to learn how to tell our stories and connect our message to the world.


I’m not here to tell you there’s a magic bullet. I am here to tell you it can be done and I’m passionate about sharing what I know, what I’m learning and what really works.

If this sounds like something you can get behind then let me know you’re on board by

entering your email address above so I can make sure we connect.