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Rachel Landry

Landry Writing

Photo of Rachel LandryShane is someone whose email address I keep handy. He is approachable and engaging, and he’s the only person I thought of when I had a recent presentation challenge. I needed a Powerpoint for a webinar I was a panelist on.  Shane made sure my PP reflected my brand, my message, and even the tone that the specific market of potential clients would relate to. Also, he’s an expert at public speaking, and was instrumental in relieving my nervousness about the whole event. With his help, I went in very confident!  Thanks again, Shane.


Julie Connor

Speaker, Trainer, Professional Trailblazer 

Shane is a motivating speaker and owner of Platform Giant Communication. He empowers others with tools to create a commanding online presence that will position your message to your audience.

I Pic of Dr Julie Connorwas a guest on his popular podcast, The Platform Giant Show.  Shane shows others how to tell their story, build a personal brand, and establish their network. He possesses a seasoned technology background and shares his wealth of information in language that is easy to understand.

Shane is an inspirational presence. I urge you to listen to The Platform Giant Show and consider Shane as a speaker at your next event

Shanna Hanson

Owner, Certified Health Coach at ExecuMom Wellness, LLC

ShannaHansonShane is a quality public speaker. He is personable, funny, articulate, and really has a way of connecting with his audience. Shane is also a leader. He leads by example and does so with honesty and compassion. He is dependable and does what he says he will do, typically exceeding expectations. I have experienced firsthand the way he coaches and mentors others in the public speaking arena.




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