Episode 65: The Three Pillars of Thought Leadership


Where have we been?

I took the month of December off to spend time with family and review the year.

What’s New For 2017

We are going to focus more on the public speaking and communication aspects of buidling a platform

On Episode 60 and Episode 61 of the Platform Giant Show, I Interviewed JD Gershbein about thought leadership.

On today’s podcast we’re focusing on an article JD wrote on his website OwlishCommunications.com Today’s show focuses on JD’s post The Thought Leadership Movement .

Here’s the link

The Thought Leadership Movement

The Three Sub-components of Thought Leadership

  1. Brand Storytelling

  2. Community Development

  3. Content Marketing


Each of today’s guests is an expert on one facet of the sub-components of Thought Leadership

Park Howell – Expert in Brand Storytelling

David JP Fisher – Networking and Community Expert

Zontee Hou – Content Marketing Expert

Park Howell

  • Stories are the the only thing to combat the noise in our environment
  • They speak to us in a very primal way.
  • Our brains want to know what events mean.

Data can only

  • Report an event that has already happened
  • Monitor an event that is currently happening
  • Predict a future event

Notes from Park’s Segment

Our brain only cares about events.

Your brand won’t stand out unless you wrap it in emotional stories that place your customer in the middle of the event.

How big should your story be to create impact?

It’s not the size of your story, it’s the emotion it contains

You must connect your brand to people’s lives through story.

Stories are what truly make us human.

More about Park:


David J.P. Fisher

People use community and network interchangeably. Both are important but they aren’t the same.

Your community is mutual support derived from the strength and closeness of your connections.

Network is about mutual support in a different way.  It’s larger and looser. You get new information from your network.
The people who you engage with  once occasionally bring you new information.


” As our world provides more opportunities for connection, it’s the people who are well positioned within their communities, but who also have a broader perspective, who will be the ones poised for huge career growth” ~ David J.P. Fisher

More about David:


Zontee Hou

The History of Marketing
  • Version 1  of marketing was about filling a need.
  • Version 2 of marketing was about creating a certain lifestyle.
  • Content marketing is customer centric. It’s about creating value for the customer.

The Why of Content Marketing

Content marketing  let’s us break through the noise  because the customer is already seeking the information we are providing.

We don’t have to compete for their attention because they are coming to us looking for what we have.

Good content marketing allows the brand to be a guide, a mentor, a friend, a trusted advisor in the customer’s life” ~Zontee Hou
Edelman Trust barometer 2016
49% of people trust a CEO
63% of people trust someone like themselves
67% of people trust a technical expert


Zontee quoted Jay Baer from his book Utility when she said:

“The goal of content marketing is to create content so good, you’d pay for it”

More about Zontee:


Final Notes

I’d like to thank Park, David and Zontee for their help with today’s program. Each is an expert worth following and I’ve linked to their websites above.

Summary of Thoughts from “The Thought Leadership Movement” by JD Gershbein

The ideas behind the thought leadership movement are not new; they’ve been repackaged for a connected generation to consume.

If you want to be a thought leader you must develop a passion for telling your story and buidling an audience around that story. Your story drives your content and helps people to buy in to you as an expert. If you engage with those who are spreading the word about what you’re doing, your community will share your content with the world.

Thought Leadership isn’t an accident; it’s deliberate. It takes time but the reward is worth it.

Make sure you check out JD’s post at OwlishCommunications.com and start thinking of yourself as a thought leader. Now is the time to move from commodity to captain of your ship. Thought leadership is something you need to be studying.

Final Quote

I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

~William Ernest Henley