photo credit: Mohammad Jangda Licensed under CC

photo credit: Mohammad Jangda Licensed under CC

Maybe we can blame Seth Godin or clever marketing or human nature but something happens when you have a niche of loyal people who gather regularly to see, listen or read what you have to say; they’re not longer an audience, they transcend the term.

Below are 23 terms for an audience and I bet there are dozens more. After you read my list, add to it in the comments section.

What Do You Call Your Audience?







  • Lady GaGa  calls her audience little monsters

  • Rush Limbaugh has DittoHeads

  • If you love Justin Beiber,  you’re one of his  Beliebers

  • Jerry Garcia’s and the Greatful Dead are followed by DeadHeads

  • KISS has an Army

  • If you’re yellow and work for Gru from Dispicable Me,  you’re one of his minions


Worth mentioning


  • If you don’t like your audience, they’re the Peanut Gallery.
  • All kinds of sports teams have their Nations
  • My church calls their audience a congregation.
  • and teachers call their audience a class.


There are no shortages of what you can call your audience whether it’s

  • a throng

  • a gallery

  • patrons

  • co-workers

  • customers

  • friends

  • or family

Anyone who gather’s regularly to listen, see or read what you have to say is your audience. And whether it is 1 or 1,000,000, how you treat them can make all the difference in the world.

Did I miss any terms for audience?  Add your term in the comment section below.